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There are dozens of charities and community organisations on your doorstep but many lack the resources or expertise that would enable them to meet their full potential. A new initiative, SkillsXchange, by Volunteer Ireland & Dublin City Volunteer Centre focuses on building capacity in Not-for-Profit organisations in Dublin 1 & 2, by matching them with skilled employees from local businesses who apply their professional skills on short-term time-limited projects that add real value to the organisation.

Why should your company get involved?

Facilitating your employees to share their talents and time with local non-profit organisations in quality volunteering opportunities can give your company:

  • An enhanced sense of community
  • A greater understanding of the needs and social issues locally
  • An opportunity to build relationships and make a positive impact within your local community.
  • Opportunities for staff development and increased engagement.

What could your employees do?

Every non-profit organisation is different. For some, building capacity might mean your employee using their professional skills to;

  • provide 1:1 support, mentoring or advice to a charity
  • deliver a bespoke workshop on a specialist topic to a  group of organisations with a common need.
  • provide hands-on support to plan and complete a task or project in their area of expertise.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. We ask only for your help in supporting, promoting and facilitating your employees to volunteer in this initiative.

How can your company get involved?

Click here to register your company’s interest in participating in SkillsXchange and we will contact you with the next steps.

Contact Terri O'Brien for more information. She can be contacted on (01) 636 9446 or email

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