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Nomination FAQ

When can I nominate?

Nominations for the 2016 Volunteer Ireland Awards were open from Monday 29th August 2016 until Sunday 16th October 2016. 

Where do I nominate?
Nominations are made online at 

Who can nominate?
Anyone can nominate themselves or a volunteer they know (eg: a co-worker, employee, fellow volunteer, friend, relative, neighbour, or coach). There is no limit on how many people you can nominate.

Who can I nominate?

  • Anyone you know can be nominated.
  • Any type of volunteer can be nominated – full-time, part-time, once-off, new or old.
  • Nominees who receive payment for their work are not eligible. 
  • Couples or partners who volunteer together are eligible. However, groups or teams are not eligible and should be nominated separately. 

This year, we are giving a Special Commendation for an outstanding Volunteer Manager. Nominees for this commendation can receive payment for their work.

Can I nominate a group of volunteers? 

The Volunteer Ireland Awards is focused on celebrating individual volunteers. Couples or partners who volunteer together are eligible to be nominated and shortlisted. Groups and teams of volunteers will not be eligible for shortlisting, but we are more than happy to send a Thank You card to them if you choose to nominate them. You can nominate individuals or pairs of volunteers - as many as you like.  If choosing particular volunteers from a group is not possible or difficult, we recommend encouraging volunteers to nominate each other.

Can children be nominated?
Yes, volunteers under 18 years can be nominated. Volunteer Ireland will seek permission from a parent/guardian for the nominee to participate in the campaign if they are shortlisted.

Who is organising the awards?
The Volunteer Ireland awards are organised by Volunteer Ireland (Charity No: 15474). President Michael D Higgins is Patron of the Awards.
You can contact Volunteer Ireland at 01 6369446 or email .

When is the Gala Awards Ceremony?

The Volunteer Ireland Gala Awards Ceremony for 2016 will be held on December 7th, and will take place in Dublin’s City Hall, located here.

What happens when I submit my nomination?

  • You will receive email confirmation of your nomination. If you are unsure if your nomination has been received, please contact us before re-submitting it to avoid duplications.(01 636 9446 or 
  • Every nominee will be sent a personalised Thank You card from Volunteer Ireland to acknowledge their contribution as a volunteer.
  • If shortlisted, nominees will be contacted in early November using the contact details supplied on the nomination form.

What are the categories?
Nominations are categorised by the focus of the work of the organisation that they volunteer with. You can only select one category per nomination. The categories are:

  • Arts, Culture and Media
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Health and Disability
  • Children and Young People
  • Campaigning and Awareness Raising
  • Community
  • Emergency and Ambulance Services
  • Social Work
  • Animals and Environment

For more information on each category, click here.

This year we will also be handing out a Special Commendation for an outstanding Volunteer Manager. 

How do I choose a category?
Choose the category that best suits the organisation that the nominee volunteers with. Don’t worry too much if you are unsure which one to choose, we will correct the category if it is not the most suitable.

For more information on each category, click here.

How are nominees shortlisted?
- Nominations will be collated and names will be removed before shortlisting. A shortlisting panel reviews the anonymous nominations.
- Nominations will only be judged on the information provided in the original nomination form.
- Each nomination will be read and scored a minimum of two times by separate judges.

What are the Marking Criteria?

  • The dedication to their volunteer role
  • The impact on their community or cause
  • The demonstration of creativity, initiative or passion
  • Bonus Point: Outstanding contribution as a volunteer

How is the recipient of the Christine Buckley Volunteer of the Year Award selected?
After shortlisting, the top-scoring nominations in each category are read and scored by the judging panel to determine Ireland’s Volunteer of the Year.  They will then receive the Christine Buckley Volunteer of the Year Award at the Ceremony on December 7th.

What is the Community Hero Award 2016?
This is an awards initiative in conjunction with the Better Together campaign. For more information, click here.

Terms & Conditions 

Click here to view terms & conditions


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