2012 Volunteer Ireland Awards, Health and Disability

Veronica Lucas, Tallaght Hospital


Veronica Lucas has a chronic condition that she has learned to manage every day, yet she gives her own time and energy to support others with chronic illness. Without Veronica's work the hospital would struggle to provide the free 6-week Stanford self-management programme  ("Living well with long term illness") within the local community. Veronica's experience of running the programme as a lay volunteer leader since 2006 is invaluable.

The goal of the programme is to give people confidence following the reality of having to deal with long-term illness or disability. Veronica has also inspired others to become lay leaders which helps increase the sustainability of the programme.  Without volunteers like Veronica, these programmes wouldn't be delivered in local communities.

Veronica O'Doherty nominated Veronica Lucas for a Volunteer Ireland Award, she said "Her enthusiasm and willingness is boundless and she has kept us all going when funding was reduced. We have put over 220 people through the six week programme and it changes the lives of people who felt unable to cope with managing the daily demands of long term illness and Veronica has worked hard to make sure these programmes happened and continue to happen.”

Photograph by Mark Cummins