2013 Volunteer Ireland Awards, Sports and Recreation

Stuart McLindon, Gaelic Warriors Irish Wheelchair Rugby Team

Raheny, Dublin 5

Stuart McLindon has volunteered with the Irish Wheelchair Rugby Team for over 7 years. Stuart is Team Manager for the team, a role that includes being a helper, a carer and a support for the athletes and their families. Stuart spends countless weekends and evenings supporting those with disabilities. He previously worked as a carer but since he was made redundant, he has thrown himself into wheelchair rugby. Stuart has given his life to help people with spinal injuries realise the dream of playing for their country. The support Stuart gives his players demonstrates to many others with disabilities and their families, that living an independent, good quality of life and realising your ambitions is possible for all - even those with severe disabilities.

With thanks to Stuart’s hard work and commitment, Irish Wheelchair rugby is becoming increasingly recognised and respected abroad. Most recently, in September the Irish Wheelchair Rugby team went unbeaten and captured the Crushers Cup in Scotland. Stuart has opened the gateways for domestic, European and Paralympic success. Stuart was nominated for a Volunteer Ireland Award by Tommy Sheridan and Conor Galvin, who said “Stuart has the exceptional gift of seeing everyone as equals. It takes a special individual to see potential in the darkest hour, a hospital bed in the rehab when a young man or woman has broken their neck. Stuart's role starts at ground zero… He has built an unbreakable spirit and a platform which will benefit generations of victims of spinal injury.”



Photo courtesy of Aoife McGuinness