2013 Volunteer Ireland Awards, Campaigning and Awareness Raising

Oliver Moran, Second Republic: A grassroots movement for political reform in Ireland


Oliver is the founder member of Second Republic: A grassroots movement for political reform in Ireland. Oliver issued an wrote a letter to the Irish Times in 2010 as an open invitation to the public to join him in forming a group to encourage political reform for ground level. Second Republic campaigns for greater citizen engagement in the democratic process. Oliver works tirelessly for the organisation, organising meetings, updating the website and blogs, representing the group in the media all on top of working fulltime and becoming a new dad last year. His expertise in ICT has enabled Second Republic to make full use of social media platforms. 

Fiona Jennings nominated Oliver for a Volunteer Ireland award, she said “Oliver's passion for democratic change outside of the mainstream political system is innovative. His motives are to reconnect the Irish republic to the political system. He tirelessly continues to campaign to make Ireland a more democratic place to live. He inspired the creation of the Second Republic, which has contributed towards the setting up of the Constitutional Convention. In this time of negativity and cynicism in the political system, Oliver represents a positive energy attempting to energise change in our democratic system.”




Photo courtesy of Simona Kadubcová