2012 Volunteer Ireland Awards, Arts, Culture and Media

Noel Heenan, Brookfield Music Club

Tallaght, Dublin

Noel Heenan founded Brookfield Music Club in August 2011 after noticing an interest in music among the youth of the area. 

Since then, the Club has expanded to offer a children's guitar class in glenshane on wednesdays, an adult guitar group in Brookfield on thursdays and another children's guitar and singing club in Brookfield every Friday. The club has become very popular with local residents and is a real success story.

Noel volunteers his own time three days a week without fail to teach members of his community guitar skills in a safe and comfortable environment. 

Linda McDonnell nominated Noel Heenan for a Volunteer Ireland Award, she said "Music has been researched to improve characteristics such as teamwork, initiative, self worth and confidence. These life skills are vital in disadvantaged areas to assist children, young people and adults in succeeding in their areas of expertise and careers they choose. We have also personally witnessed these characteristics embedding into members, with shy members gaining confidence and louder members incorporating teamwork."

Linda continued "Noel has worked extremely hard to start up these groups and is still working extremely hard to continue making our music club a success and to keep all members interested. If it were not for Noel's dedication and drive to create such a club it would not be here today and up to 30 of our members would not know how to play the guitar or realise their musical potential.”

Photograph by Anna Kerslake.