2010 Volunteer Ireland Awards, Animals and Environment

Maggie Howard, Dogs' Aid Animal Sanctuary

Dublin, Category Winner

Maggie Howard started Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary from a flat in Ballymun in 1987 and has worked tirelessly ever since. Maggie is responsible for the everyday aspects of the sanctuary including feeding, cleaning of kennels and giving help and advice to callers. She also takes in sick animals and nurses them back to health. Dogs Aid can house up to 60 dogs and has a number of very long term residents that would otherwise have been put down. She endeavours to help and love many animals and re-habilitate them until they are ready to go to a loving home.

In addition to all this, Maggie also runs the vet clinic in Ballymun. This clinic sees about thirty animals every Tuesday and is an invaluable service. The people of Ballymun depend on the clinic to care for their animals. Over the last twenty years, thousands of dogs have been rescued and re-homed, Maggie is responsible for this.

She is such an asset to the community and is known by all as the "doggie whisperer"! She is like the pied piper - all the dogs love her. She deserves to be recognised for all the quiet hard work she puts into the charity and for her dedication to the care and welfare of animals. Without Maggie there would be no Dogs Aid and North Dublin would be a worse place for it.

Photo by Elaine O'Sullivan