2013 Volunteer Ireland Awards, Social Work

Liam Hendry, Assisting Leo Garvey

Ballina, Co. Mayo, Category Winner

Liam Hendry was nominated for a Volunteer Ireland Award in recognition of his contribution as Voluntary Carer to the late Leo Garvey, who passed away this year, aged 93. Liam cut the grass for Leo and did all his odd jobs, he called into Leo twice a day, to wash and dress him, making sure he ate properly, had the heating on, helped him to bed and was came back every morning. Whilst Leo had home help for over five years, this service was increasingly cut in recent years so Leo came to rely on Liam’s help all the more.

Liam never faltered in his devotion and even when Leo could no longer live alone and had to move to a nursing home, Liam visited him twice a day. Liam’s wife Gay did Leo’s laundry right until the end. Liam was nominated for a Volunteer Ireland Award by Leo’s niece Rosemary Durkan, she said “Liam Hendry is a living saint and would never look to be acknowledged, but we as Leo's family would love to see him win this award so we can show him how grateful we are to him, as my uncle had no immediate family and we, his nieces and nephews were scattered all over the country and weren't in a position to do it. My uncle lived to be 93 thanks to all the help Liam gave him. Leo used to say, "Only for Liam I wouldn't be alive!"


Photo courtesy of  Angela Clarke