2012 Volunteer Ireland Awards, Animals and Environment

Jacqueline O’Driscoll, Limerick Feral Cats

Limerick, Category Winner

Jacqueline has worked with Limerick Feral Cats for over a decade, raising money for the organisation, keeping the cause of animals in the public arena and helping colleagues to rehome cats and dogs. Jacqueline is very passionate about protecting animals in Limerick city and county.

Since Jacqueline co-founded Limerick Feral Cats she has spent all available spare time to feed, catch and neuter feral cats. Jackie and her husband Billy have turned their house into a sanctuary for cats and that means a lot of sacrifices for both of them. At one stage they were doing feeds during the night for a litter of kittens that had to be hand-reared.

Jackie spends the majority of her spare time traveling all over the city and county feeding feral cats, trapping them, bringing them to vets and getting them neutered. For her only day off each week, she spends the day looking after a jumble stall in Clondrinagh market to try and raise funds for the charity. When fundraising falls short, Jackie subsidises it with her own money.

Along with the constant work, she also comes up against a lot of problems when dealing with people and feral cats. A lot of people are ill informed of these animals and Jackie helps to educate and inform people as well as helping the animals all the time. She treats every animal in her care with so much love and attention and as her friend I see her go through so much upset when animals pass away or are hurt. She has sacrificed so much for this charity. We all think she is amazing

James Cottam nominated Jacqueline for a Volunteer Ireland Award, he said, “I am in awe of the love that Jacqueline has for animals that need help. I am in awe of her commitment to these animals to sacrifice so much for them. That she allows her home to be a sanctuary for abandoned and helpless animals, that she spends so much time helping these animals and also fund raising for them. She is a true volunteer.”

Photograph by Avany Franca