2013 Volunteer Ireland Awards, Community

Daniel Downey, Cavan Community Radio & others

Cavan, Category Winner

Daniel has volunteered with Cavan Community Radio for over three years. After working overseas with Nepal orphans and Burmese refugees, Daniel returned to his hometown and spent two years helping groups in the community. He has assisted in setting up three community gardens, two local community development groups, a sustainability network (educating people to reduce, rescue and recycle), and Cavan Community Radio, bringing local voices to an audience of 6,000 people per month. Daniel has also just finished travelling around 12 towns in Cavan gathering issues facing these communities. Daniel wants to look at developing practical solutions, such as better youth services, community counselling and more.

Daniel has a passion for promoting volunteerism as a way to better mental and community health and vibrancy. Daniel's dedication to community has inspired many others to create better communities in Cavan and his grass roots and socially inclusive work has led to some great achievements in the community. Lorraine Teevan nominated Daniel for a Volunteer Ireland Award, she said “With tiny supports Daniel has shown that we can do a great deal in our homes, connecting with one another and his lack of newspaper coverage or credit shows a humility for his love of the work itself and not profile or praise from that work.”



Photo courtesy of Lorraine Teevan Photography