2012 Volunteer Ireland Awards, Education and Training (2008 - 2015)

Charlie Harnett, Irish Red Cross (Tralee Branch)

Tralee, County Kerry

Charlie has been a member of the Irish Red Cross for almost 40 years. Over the years as a volunteer, he has served with distinction in all branch honorary positions. Since 2003, Charlie has been Kerry Area Director of Units, a voluntary position with overall responsibility for all first aid activities, training and courses with Kerry. As ADU, Charlie commands the highest respect and regard of all members. He is noted for his relaxed style of management, his ability to promote teamwork as well as having a very approachable rapport with all members. He is essentially a team leader and takes great pride in seeing all members reach their full potential in attaining skill levels. Charlie has attained honours in all courses offered within the organisation, and holds many certificates in various course instruction such as AED, CPR etc.

As an instructor, Charlie teaches, instructs and examines both internally for our members and externally for the public, on an average of 20 various levels of courses any given year. All we might add in a voluntary capacity without any remuneration. 

Lynda Murphy nominated Charlie Harnett for a Volunteer Ireland Award, she said “As part of our first aid and ambulance duty personnel, Charlie provides countless hours of voluntary service. Taking on average 12 hours per week, we estimate that Charlie provides at least 600 hours of voluntary first aid cover in any one year plus the many hours of tutoring to both members of the organisation and members of the public.”

Photography by Dan Murphy.