2013 Volunteer Ireland Awards, Campaigning and Awareness Raising

Audrey Craven, The Migraine Association of Ireland

Clonshaugh, Dublin 17

Audrey is Founder/President of the Migraine Association of Ireland and has volunteered with the organisation for over 20 years. The Migraine Association of Ireland (MAI) is a not-for-profit organisation which provides information, support and reassurance to migraine sufferers and their families. The MAI was founded in 1994 by volunteer Audrey Craven, who has campaigned tirelessly and passionately to raise awareness of what is a chronic and disabling neurological condition. Since the organisation’s inception Audrey has fought for recognition of the devastating impact of migraine and the burden of headache disorders.  As a lifelong migraine sufferer Audrey has championed the patient voice, provided support, and fought ceaselessly for services on their behalf.

She was instrumental in setting up the first specialist Migraine/Headache clinic in Beaumont Hospital in Dublin. Such were the demands on this clinic that a further four were to follow - two more in Dublin Hospitals, one in Cork University Hospital and one in Galway UH. With Audrey as President the MAI has grown into a national organisation. We organise information campaigns including public information evenings, workplace presentations and migraine management seminars across Ireland. Patrick Little nominated Audrey for a Volunteer Ireland Award, he said “ The MAI will celebrate their 20th Anniversary next February and in anticipation of this we would like to nominate Audrey for her tenacity and dedication to her cause. We are grateful to Audrey for her courage and perseverance in what has been a long (and on-going) campaign and we would like to thank her for everything she does.”



Photo courtesy of Will O'Reilly Photography