2013 Volunteer Ireland Awards, Animals and Environment

Ann McKenna, Last Hope Animal Charity

Navan, Meath

Ann McKenna is the Chairperson of Last Hope Animal Charity and runs the organisation’s kennels. Since she began volunteering with the charity over two years ago, Ann has worked with abandoned and abused animals in Meath and surrounding areas. As Chairperson of the Charity, Anna is not afraid to make difficult decisions that in the best interests of the animals and also of the charity, always ensuring that as many animals as possible can be helped.

Andrea Carrol nominated Ann for a Volunteer Ireland Award, she said “Ann gives her time, her love and her heart to this cause - she is there when the animals come in, when they go to the vets and sometimes when they take their last breath. However in addition to this she gives her home. Most of our animals are fostered by amazing volunteers. Ann has also opened up her home and her business to local animals and created high quality, emergency kennels. Volunteers come every day to help out, but the buck stops with Ann, and every night it is she that puts the dogs to bed. Ann deserves recognition for everything she has done for the 150 dogs that have been rehomed in the last year.”


Photo courtesy of volunteer Edel O'Malley Photography