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News: Report On Impact of Volunteering on Health and Well-Being Launched

To celebrate National Volunteering Week 2017, Volunteer Ireland launched a new report exploring the impact of volunteering on the health and well-being of volunteers.
International Volunteer Managers Day (IVM Day) is celebrated globally on November 5 each year. The day is put aside to allow volunteer managers a chance to reflect on and celebrate the critical work they do, and more importantly, it allows
Interviewing candidates for volunteer roles is imperative to ensure you are selecting the most qualified person. A key outcome of conducting an interview is the mutual acquaintance of the volunteer applicant and the prospective volunteer supervisor. Without this significant screening
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Effective relations between paid staff and volunteers can lead to an enjoyable and productive workplace for both groups. Organisations wishing to involve volunteers need to firstly consult with those individuals with whom the volunteers will be working. Volunteer roles, management
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One of the recurrent nightmares of any volunteer manager is encountering a situation in which they may have to consider ‘firing’ a volunteer. For many this prospect creates severe stress, both over the appropriateness of the action and over fear